School of the Bible evangelism

Prof. Marcelo Gonçalves in evangelistic class

JUNDIAÍ, Brazil (BNc) — Three students were baptized and eight others have requested baptism in the most recent course of the School of the Bible, coordinator e professor Marcelo Gonçalves said yesterday.

The eight people who requested baptism will receive personal guidance and studies.

Besides these, 15 other students are attending the meetings of the Jundiaí church, Marcelo said.

A total of 60 students finished the course on Revelation. In November, the course, “The Called of God,” will begin.

The “Basic Theology Course,” geared toward first-time non-Christian students, counts 42 in attendance.

The School of the Bible in Jundiaí is one of the most successful of its kind in Brazil.

This storefront evangelism approach is widely used among churches and mission teams.

Public classes are offered under the name of a not-for-profit entity to avoid the impression of propagating denominational doctrine.