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New congregation, Bible School outreach to begin in Tarlac City, Philippines: Michael Hildreth

TARLAC CITY, Philippines (BNc) — “We have arrived safely in the Philippines!” Michael Hildreth wrote yesterday to BNc. He and his family just moved there to begin a…

God ‘did everything necessary’: WVSOP lectureship speaker

West Virginia School of Preaching hosts Victory Lectures with focus on 1 Corinthians.

‘Rejected by all, we embraced him, and love touched his heart’

He wanted to study the Bible and found love, acceptance, and concern.

Michael Hildreth family to work in Philippines

The family leaves Nov. 26 for a four-year stint.

‘Hangin’ out’ with the Jenkins Institute: 2nd edition with BNc editor Randal Matheny

Dale and Jeff Jenkins chat with BNc editor Randal Matheny.

Without means of contacting church, teacher bumps into Christian contact: chance or providence?

In Liberia to teach farming methods, Ken finds the church quite by accident. Or is it?

Brazil women face fears, strengthen faith in national event

The 33rd annual women’s congress was a success.

Jack P. Lewis hears his first recorded sermon, from 1941, for the first time

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNc) by Rodger Holtin — “Every preacher should listen to his recorded lessons because it would surely improve their delivery.” Thus spoke Dr. Jack P. Lewis…

Philippine farmers preach on their own dime

These poor farmers pile on a motorbike to go about the province preaching the gospel. How many do you count on the bike?

Video: Ukrainians go home and start churches

Ukranians begin churches in their homes.

Howard Norton remembers fellow Brazil coworker Leon Tester

Howard Norton honors Leon Tester who died Nov. 8.

Boy Scouts under fire for traditional values

Gospel Advocate editor Greg Tidwell writes about recent criticism of Boy Scouts of America.

Guatemala quake puts 400 saints in need

The BICA newsletter published a report by evangelist Roberto Alvarez.

Couple put on Christ in baptism at marriage retreat

JUNDIAI, Brazil (BNc) — A couple who attended a retreat on how to relate better in marriage decided they had better relate to Christ. Marco Aurelio e Adriana…

Preachers who ‘want to hang on to job’ don’t preach moral political issues, says minister

A minister thinks preachers sometimes don’t preach on issues for fear of losing their “job.”

Graymere church shows hospitality for Columbia Bible Institute preacher’s retreat

15th annual Columbia Bible Institute Preacher’s Retreat.

At BrazilKids home, October is favorite month

A children’s home ministry in Brazil enjoys special attention during Children’s Day.

‘She hath done what she could’: Jane McWhorter’s exit

She prayed, “I offer you now these 39 years of service in your kingdom.”

SEIBS revamps lectures with new dates, book format, digital material

The Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies shakes up its lectureship.

‘She Hath Done What She Could’: Jane McWhorter’s final speech

Genary Hicks summarizes Jane McWhorter’s speech.