House to House Heart to Heart

HTH reaches Alabama

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (BNc) by HTH staff — In 2007, churches of Christ in Alabama set a goal to get the gospel to the entire state using House to House/Heart to Heart. As of 2012, 292 congregations have cooperated to reach 1,888,563 households. This is 100% of households statewide.

On average, each congregation mailed to 6,467 families in their community. Most counties received HTH for an entire year.

Since the average household has 2.5 people, we potentially reached 4.7 million souls!

We give God the glory for providing this opportunity and credit like-minded brethren whose faith and love made this possible. We all rejoice that these efforts are not in vain but will continue to bear fruit for years to come (1 Corinthians 15:58).

What’s next for Alabama? A field needs to be replanted every spring in order for a harvest to continue, so each congregation needs to continue to sow the gospel seed each year. People are continually moving into our communities; young people are reaching accountability; circumstances change so people are more receptive. Keep the gospel going!

HTH is a quarterly outreach publication sent in cooperation with local congregations.