Searching for Truth DVD

Truth DVD cover

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BNc) — The Somers Ave. church distributed over 400 Searching for Truth DVDs at the Arkansas State Fair, “400 souls who may be learning the Gospel today,” according to the congregation’s bulletin, “The Observer,” on Oct. 28.

The fair was held Oct. 12-21. The Somers Ave. church maintains a stand in the fair each year.

The Searching for Truth DVDs, produced by World Video Bible School and narrated by John Moore, contain six lessons that teach an introduction to the gospel. The lessons are also available online.

The DVDs have become popular with churches for sharing the gospel with others.

The Somers Ave. bulletin also noted that 190 requests for Bible correspondence courses had been received by the congregation since Jan. 1 through their joint World Bible School website.

The Somers Ave. church sponsors the GoSpeak ministry, of which BNc is a part.