Preacher Anwar Carter

Anwar Carter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNc) — A funeral sermon last Friday resulted in the baptism of six people.

Minister Anwar Carter, of the Highland Heights church, preached a double funeral last Friday of a mother and son, Archie Bennett reported Oct 26 on Facebook.

The title of the funeral sermon was “Good News in Bad Times.”

“As a result of him letting God use him, six souls were baptized into Christ after the funeral,” Archie said.

Anwar told BNc that those baptized were five young men and one young lady, ranging in age from 15 to 23. Only one young man was actually related to the deceased.

The deceased were not members of Highland Heights. They had no church affiliation. They were related to a friend of a member.

“When approached about the funeral we just saw it as an opportunity to serve,” Anwar said.

The young man, 16, was shot Oct 14. His mother died the following Saturday.

“Although she had health issues, a friend remarked that she may have died from a broken heart. The boy was her only child and she had no other immediate family still alive,” Anwar said.

God proved yet again that there was good news to be heard and welcomed in bad times.