Gospel of Jesus' Wife

Graphic used for the presentation

FLORENCE, Ala. (BNc) — Heritage Christian University sponsored a special seminar Oct. 16 on the Coptic manuscript that supposedly affirms that Jesus had a wife.

HCU’s own Dr. Jeremy Barrier, specialist in Coptic Christian literature, presented “Apocryphal Gospels and the Historical Jesus:  What Can Recent Discoveries Teach Us?” in the Overton Memorial Library.

The major topic was an open forum discussing the impact of the new papyrus fragment finding, namely the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” fragment that surfaced in Berlin, Germany, and presented to the world by Karen King, an early Christian scholar from Harvard University.

Dr. Barrier gave a 35-minute presentation and detailed discussion of the papyrus fragment, followed by a 35-minute question and answer session.

The event was attended by approximately 40 individuals from the community, including a visitor from Southeastern India, John Deen Muppidi, who was visiting his alma mater. Local leaders from the Christian community were also present.

The presentation will also be offered Oct. 24 in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

Dr. Jeremy Barrier

Dr. Jeremy Barrier

Dr. Ed Gallagher introduced the event, announcing it as the first to be hosted by the new Ezell Institute of Biblical Research.

It is a new research institute based at HCU to promote Biblical research with the interest of the community at heart.

The presentation was recorded and will be posted to the HCU website, Dr. Barrier said.

Dr. Barrier mentioned that, in addition to this presentation, Prof. Gallagher is offering a class, “Greek for the average church member,” and also a special seminar in November on “Jesus the Messiah.”

All of these adult continuing education classes and presentations are geared toward increasing Biblical and Christian literacy within our churches.  The Ezell Institute is also funding scholarships for students in the Master of Divinity program who will be willing to work with and study small churches in the hopes of creating solutions to assist small churches serve their communities and continue to grow.