(BNc) — The far-reaching landmark decision Thursday by the US Supreme Court upholding ObamaCare as a tax has prompted a wide range of reaction among American saints.

Among reactions are these who either responded to BNc’s request for links and summaries or whose writings came to our attention:

  • Adam Faughn: Seven suggestions help saints deal with a government decision they disagree with. We need to remember our purpose here on the earth. We are put on this earth to glorify God. Period. End of sentence.
  • Chris Gallagher: My disagreements are simple: (1) It kills our economy even further; (2) More regulation = fail (ask the Post Office); (3) It funds abortions.
  • John Henson: CNN and Fox jumped the gun on their reporting and got the Court ruling badly wrong. People ought to keep reading the New Testament, rather than reading about belief and thinking that is enough.
  • J. Randal Matheny: Some Americans are renouncing citizenship and moving abroad. American saints might consider moving abroad for God’s mission.
  • Rob Mortensen, Republican candidate for Tennessee’s 20th State Senate District: “The Court reached the wrong conclusion on this fundamental issue. The federal government’s use of the power to tax as a weapon to force people to buy a product is far beyond what the Founding Fathers of this nation intended.”

Tenn. State Representative Sheila K. Butt, also a New Testament Christian, sent the following to her email list and submitted it to BNc:

This mandate called “Obamabcare” is about much more than health insurance. It is an attack on our religious liberty. There is no such thing as “pro-life” in the future of health care if this plan is implemented. There are HUGE tax increases in the next few years that will bankrupt our states. There are increases on taxes for the sale of a home and many more hidden mandates. Many of us, as Christans, have stayed out of politics because we know we are citizens of another country. However, this is not about politics anymore! It is about silencing God and every voice that stands for morality and goodness. If we are not the majority, then we will lose in November. If we are the majority, then the future of the United States rests in our hands. Our Father will let us choose. If we want our children to live in the greatest country in the world, if we want the world’s last hope for freedom to survive, we can do nothing BUT work, pray, spend our resources and vote for FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM in November of 2012.”

Others, like Ted Knight, evangelist with the Levy church, North Little Rock, Ark., used closed systems like Facebook to make comments and posts. Ted encouraged people to exercise their right to vote. He urged his friends to abide by “the principles which are plainly taught in the Bible will help us to reach conclusions which are right and best for our country and for our community.”

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