EINDHOVEN, Holland (BNc) – On April 13th and 14th, 50 brethren from 7 congregations in Holland and Flanders gathered in Eindhoven for a series of 7 lectures on ‘The Way’ presented by Daniel Napier.



The two sessions on Friday night emphasized that ‘the way’ involves ‘walking with God’ from day to day, as did Enoch, Noah and Abraham. A Christian is a citizen of God’s kingdom who is conscious of co-working with God in all that he does.

The first three sessions on Saturday dealt with how co-working with God enables one to move beyond common distortions of human life such as (1) anger and contempt, (2) twisted desires and cultivated lusts, and (3) verbal manipulation and deceit.

The next session dealt with ways to avoid pride or an impulse to consider ourselves superior to others.

The final lesson explained how to become a disciple of Christ, who is the greatest teacher anyone could follow and the only one who can give us true life, now and in eternity.

The Napiers are in the process of moving back to the United States after serving as missionaries in Croatia for five years.