by Tom Butterfield

CHESTER, W.Va. (BNc) — Ohio Valley University awarded Frank Higginbotham the Christian Service Award for 2012 during its lectureship week.

Few people have impacted the Greater Ohio Valley as much as brother Frank Higginbotham, long-time preacher for the Chester, W.Va., church.

Frank has been preaching the gospel for 60 years. The last 48 years have been spent working with the Chester church.

The success and quality of his efforts stand on their own merit and need no further enhancement.

The honor was bestowed on him Apr. 2.

One could not possibly give credit to brother Higginbotham without also commending his precious wife, Rose. Together they have contributed so much to the Lord’s church and will leave a legacy of love, truth, and faithful examples.



  1. The byline has my name to it, but it was actually adapted from an article written by Tom Butterfield.

  2. I want to compliment Ohio Valley University for awarding Frank Higginbotham with the 2012 Christian Service Award. This is a recognition that is well deserved, and I am very pleased to hear it!! Congratulations to Frank & Rose Higginbotham for your accomplishment of working with the congregation in Chester, WV for 48 years. How amazing and wonderful is that!!!! I think it is a tribute to both Frank and Rose and the Chester congregation.
    Knowing this wonderful Christian couple is a blessing and an honor. They are very special people and their wonderful family reflects the same thing. I pray God will continue to bless them with lots of fruit for their labors.