church of christ errorsSULLIVAN, Ill. (BNc) — A preacher and elder has taken up the gauntlet of a challenge by a website criticizing the Lord’s church and plying it with questions.

Ron Thomas works with the congregation in Sullivan, Ill. He set about answering the website’s questions about supposed errors in the church of Christ.

So far, Ron has made 20 extensive posts on the website The Fellowship Room, a group weblog where he is a “Fellow,” or participating blogger.

BNc asked Ron why he took up this task of responding to the website’s charges.

There is not a single person I know who likes to be considered wrong about a particular belief. In fact, when another comments that you are wrong, there might be a number of responses to that assertion. You could become angry, defensive, you might respond by putting distance between you and the accuser, or you might attempt to counter the assertion by a reasoned reply.

Not long ago our brother Stephen Bradd brought to our attention a website that accused the Lord’s church of being wrong on some particular topics; at the very least, they have questioned what is believed among us. The word “legalism” is used often in this essay. The site prefaces its treatise with this headline: “Bible Questions for the Church of Christ.” New Testament Christians should never feel ill-at-ease when faced when a headline (or remark) like that. In fact, Christians should always go to the Scripture to see if those things that are said are accurate.

Thus, the website, which describes itself as a “Bible-based, para-church ministry not affiliated with any denomination,” has given us the opportunity to do exactly that. Unfortunately, the website that poses to ask tough questions does more commenting on various topics than asking questions. Nevertheless, questions were asked. The Fellowship Room is currently running a series of articles (in dialogue fashion) that addresses these questions and comments.

Ron’s posts are made under the tag, “Church of Christ Errors.

The Fellowship Room is offered by the Forthright/GospelProgress effort, to which BNc belongs. The initiative for replying to the website was Ron’s.

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