Author Tammy Knox writes about TitanicPIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (BNc) — Tammy S. Knox’s book of historical fiction, Trapped on the Titanic, will be featured in the Titanic Museum during the centennial celebration of the accident.

Tammy, whose husband Michael is a gospel preacher in Mount Pleasant, Tenn., said she had been writing the story aimed at ten-year-olds since she was a teen.

The Titanic Museum is owned by John Joslyn, one of the explorers of the sunken vessel in 1987.

The book centers around the Titanic tragedy and the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. A 13-year-old girl goes to a Titanic exhibit and sees a portrait of a young girl, about age 10, who resembles her. She experiences some ghostly encounters and learns that the girl in the portrait was one of her ancestors who died on the Titanic.

With the help of her grandmother, she uncovers the secrets of her family’s past and is able to help bring peace to the girl in the portrait.

The main character goes to church services and comes from a close-knit family in which the parents live together.

“I wanted a book for children and young adults that showed a family unit as it should be. Many books for children and young adults have the main character coming from a broken home, disrespectful to the parents or others of authority. The main character also likes a boy in the story. Since homosexuality is so blatant I wanted to show once again how things should be, Tammy wrote.

Tammy will also do a book signing at the Pigeon Forge museum this summer.

“I wanted to convey to my readers that we should appreciate history and learn from it,” she said.

Tammy is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her daughters.

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