Malaysia campaign for ChristKLANG VALLEY, Malaysia (BNc) — More than 300 people from around the Klang Valley and other states, as well as Singapore, came together on the first night of the campaign Mar. 8 to listen to an edifying message by John Moore.

John covered his topic, “Why Do I Feel the Way I Do”, on man’s feeling of inadequacy and lack of permanent happiness. Despite jet lag, after a 26-hour flight from the United States, his presentation was energetic, well-paced, and easy to understand.

Six area churches around the Klang Valley are promoting God’s  plan of salvation through a series of lectures whose theme is “Christ For the Age of Crisis.”

The theme emphasizes that, in this age of crisis, where values are cast aside and errors practised, God’s word continues to be relevant for mankind. Against the backdrop of negative influences, Christ’s message of truth continues to steer us back to the path of righteousness and repentance.

John works full-time with the Dripping Springs, Tex., congregation.

The event goes through Mar. 11.

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