by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Ala (BNC) — Ladies Bible class teacher, Linda Sartain, has taken her Wednesday night Bible class far beyond what the 18 ladies would have ever dreamed.

When the ladies at the Geneva church of Christ decided on the study book, Janie Craun’s A Recipe for Peace–7 Ingredients for a Satisfying Life, little did they know they would be fed more than the word of God in Bible class each week. Bread recipes are interspersed throughout the Bible study book, and Sartain decided early on she would bake the recipes to share with the class. Her efforts have been deliciously successful.

Linda Sartain has taught the ladies class each Wednesday night for six years. She is to be commended for taking on the extra effort of baking the bread for the class. Linda is a Christian who is always ready to help when anything needs to be done in the church or community. She and her husband, Jan, oversee the church Bible Correspondence Courses, and are caregivers for Jan’s 98-year-old mother who lives in their home.

The ladies praise the book, bread, and teacher as their favorite thus far.