Brown Trail Schoolby J.J. Hendrix, Field Representative

BEDFORD, Tex. (BNc) — Fifteen new students at the Brown Trail School of Preaching comprise one of its largest incoming classes since the 1990s.

Seeing so many cars in the parking lot almost made me take a picture and put a tear in my eye. Fifteen men came together on Jan. 2 from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages. They decided they want to devote their lives to God in preaching the sound gospel. It’s enough to make the strongest man weep.

These men have given up jobs that pay triple what they are making in support, but they understand the importance of being a sound gospel preacher. They understand that we are in a shortage of sound preachers. Like the men before them, it is understood that sacrifices must be made for the good of the Lord’s church.

One of the first scriptures that a student hears during orientation is 2 Timothy 4:2. I hope the men that are coming into school are ready to take that verse and do whatever it takes to live by it. Whenever we read, “in season and out of season,” we are taught that means, “preach it when they want to hear it, and preach it when they don’t.”

Throughout the program at Brown Trail we grow to understand the damage being done to the brotherhood by perimeter preaching and know the importance of preaching the whole counsel of God. Through the moral decay of our American society, unfortunately ungodliness has entered many congregations of the Lord’s church. People do not desire to be made to feel uncomfortable for things that are sinful in the sight of God.

The Brown Trail School of Preaching and her sister sound preaching institutions diligently teach men the truth of the Word, how to work with people, how to be effective speakers, and to excel in personal evangelism.

It’s exciting to see each orientation, to see a new group of men ready to be buried under work, yet still excited to learn. Every two years we pray that we have prepared our graduates for life as a preacher, an evangelist, and most importantly, a Christian example. It is our prayer they find congregations that will love them and love the truth.

The epidemic of congregations chewing up and spitting out our young preachers is sickening. Not much can be done to change these congregations, but nonetheless we will pray diligently that Mark, Azael, David, DeRodney, Juan, Paul, David, James, Bob, Jaime, Juan, Jonathan, Reglio, Enrique, Charles, Devon, Jose, Mike, Arthur, Joe, and Gil all find opportunities to love and be loved.

It is easily understand that persecution is promised to Christians, but let it be from the world, not wolves in sheep’s clothing claiming to be Christians.

My job at Brown Trail is that of the field representative. I raise support for students, for faculty, and for myself. I set up presentations to inform about the school, and I look for opportunities to find men who desire to be gospel preachers and “point them in the right direction.”

As of mid-February we have 14 men who have shown interest in starting our program next year. Pray that these men understand the need for preachers, understand that hard work will be involved, and that they make the choice to serve God. Please pray that we are able to find support from congregations to aid our program.

We covet your prayers as we train men to be gospel preachers. Pray for our brotherhood preaching schools and their faculties. Consider the good work that is being done and consider supporting this diligent effort.