Brown Trail moves high school grads toward maturity

Spiritual MaturityBEDFORD, Tex. (BNc) — Who hasn’t heard laments about how we’re losing our children to the world? A group of elders overseeing a school of preaching decided to do something about it.

In 2009 the Brown Trail School of Preaching established the “Moving Toward Spiritual Maturity” Program, designed to assist parents in their task of rearing children in the Lord.

As an extension of the Brown Trail Education Program, MTSM is a one-year, in-depth Biblical maturing study program designed solely for graduating high school seniors.

Numerous benefits

Among the benefits, the graduate will receive an in-depth study of several of the books of the Bible and related subjects.

Second, they will study at the feet of godly preachers such as Willie Alvarenga, Gerald Ball, Charles Billingsly, Bill Burk, Kenny Gardner, Ken Hope, Pat McIntosh, Randall Morris, Hardeman Nichols, Robert Stapleton, and Richard Stevens.

Third, they will spend time in a wonderful Christian atmosphere, while attending classes in the School of Preaching.

Fourth, the knowledge they obtain will serve them well in college and throughout their lives.

MTSM may very well be the tool that keeps them from leaving college with doubts about God and their faith or, worse still, as an atheist.

“Certainly, that and that alone, would be worth a year of your child’s life,” Robert Stapleton, the school’s director, said.

Requirements and costs

In order to attend, the graduating senior must be accepted by the BTSOP Director, with written approval from parents. They must also have their own health insurance coverage while in school.

This program is free for graduating high school seniors who live within driving distance of the building, and whose congregation, parents, or elders are willing to meet the financial requirements (approximately $100.00 per semester or $400.00 per year).

This cost covers instructional outlines and required textbooks, but not the cost of notebooks, notepads, pencils, pens, snacks, or drinks. These items will need to be purchased by the student or his supporter(s).

“We would be willing to accept students from anywhere if they had the ability to provide the funds needed for living expenses,” Stapleton said.

Upon completion of the MTSM Program, those seniors who have completed the one-year study with passing grades will be recognized at the BTSOP graduation ceremony, along with graduating preacher students. A BTSOP Certificate of Achievement will be awarded.

Additional information on this program is available on the BTSOP website or by phone 817-268-3222.

Children a heritage

Stapleton reminded parents that children are a “heritage from the Lord” (Psalms 127:3).

“There can be no doubt about that. As such, we need to be careful to do all we can to see they are ‘brought up’ in the ‘nurture and admonition of the Lord’ (Ephesians 6:4),” Stapleton said.

Brown Trail School of Preaching is located in the metropolitan Dallas-Forth Worth area.

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2 thoughts on “Brown Trail moves high school grads toward maturity

  1. What an insult to our Bible classes! It is deserved. Here is proof that we are failing our children in the classes in the church building. 70% per lose their faith upon leaving home. Only 35% return to God.

    It is time that we speak out and change the system.

  2. My name is Larry Rice. I am one of the shepherds at Brown Trail and a co-developer of the “Moving Toward Spiritual Maturity” (MTSM) program along with brother Bob Stapleton (Director of the Brown Trail School of Preaching). We developed MTSM, not to insult our Bible classes, but to add an intense study of God’s word opportunity for our young people (graduating H.S. seniors). There is just so much you can teach a child in an hour and a half each week. And, God knows we have wonderful faithful Bible class teachers. What does the MTSM program do? MTSM allows the graduating senior to study, in depth, forty (40) hours per week (same as preaching students) at no cost to them or their Brown Trail parents. At the present time we have commitments of six B.T. young people who will be enrolling in the program over the next few years. The elders have committed $2400. to their MTSM schooling and we feel it is money well spent (after all we are talking about ‘precious souls’). Only eternity will reveal the real spiritual value of the MTSM program.
    We invite other elderships and parents to consider utilizing the MTSM program for their young people. It only cost $400. per child for those who want to help their children or young people.
    Please keep the Brown Trail School of Preaching and the Brown Trail congregation in your prayers. May God richly bless you in all your faithfulness to Him and His precious Son.