by Tim Arnold

BANGKOK, Thailand (BNc) — The most severe flooding in decades has hit Thailand. A humanitarian crisis looms over the major city of Bangkok, and outlying areas have suffered for weeks. The Thai government warns of the risk of water- and insect-borne diseases such as diarrhea, dengue fever, and malaria in the coming days and weeks.

Kim & Rebecca Voraritskul have been working for our Lord in northeastern Thailand for decades establishing congregations and training faithful servants to spread the gospel. In a letter sent Nov. 4 to supporters, they report that our brethren are suffering and in need of assistance. Their letter follows:

Thailand has suffered much flooding for the past two months. We had five massive rainstorms during our monsoon season, which flooded the north and northeast part of the country as the water traveled through the country on its way to the sea.

The waters are down in Bangkok now and have been for a month. The city is suffering with water in some areas as high as two meters. The water is stagnant and cannot flow into the sea since the tides keep the sea level higher than the canals and water outlets.

Bangkok’s ten million residents are desperate. Toilet facilities are a great frustration. Trash is building up and floating. Dead animals abound. Evacuations are a daily occurrence. Food and drinking water have to be taken to the masses by rowboats. The average one-meter high waters have destroyed factories, homes, vehicles and brought on misery and at times anger. Over 400 have died. The electricity in some areas had to be turned off because of electrocutions.

We have six churches of Christ in Bangkok with about 700 Christians. Many need our help. They need drinking water, dry food, and canned food. The aftermath includes helping with the ruined houses, household goods, and furniture.

If you want to help our brethren through us, please send money to Silver Spring, our overseers, and earmark the checks for “Bangkok flooding”. I will go down to Bangkok to visit the brethren and see what they need. During this crisis, our Bangkok brethren urgently need our help now and also a second time during the recovery period. We wait for your help.

Kim Voraritskul
Khon Kaen, Thailand

Church of Christ
Attn. Earle West
100 East Franklin Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20901-2926