ISHINOMAKI, Japan (BNc) — A group from the Mito and Park Avenue churches fed over 100 people housed in temporary shelters, following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11.

The group provided lunch outdoors Nov. 8. The goal was to serve a hot meal to these people and encourage them.

Temporary housing has been erected in various parts of the town. These are generally 2-3 rooms with a kitchen, bath, and toilet. They are fully furnished and are connected together in rows of about 8 apartments to each row.

The night before the group members prepared hamburger patties and fish for roasting on grills. These were wrapped in foil with some vegetables. Additionally, there was fruit, rice balls, and pickles.

The weather cooperated beautifully with bright blue sky and temperatures in the low 60s. With the grills set up, they cooked the hamburger patties and fish steaks as well as roasting onigiri (rice balls) basted with miso.

People lined up, delighted to get such a wonderful meal. Most commented about the food and appreciated a warm meal. Three ladies came walking up, one with the help of a cane, saying the aroma enticed them to come. They were not disappointed.

Within two hours the group had set up, cooked, and fed over 100 people.

For photos of the event, see the Park Avenue page. The Memphis, Tenn., congregation has been heavily involved in the Japan work for many years.