Nepal BibleKATHMANDU, Nepal (BNc) — The Nepal Center for Biblical Study graduated its first class of six students Wed., Sept. 21.

“We had a beautiful day. There was a lectureship program. All of our students and guest preachers encouraged each other through message from the theme scripture, Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful but laborers are few.” All of were encouraged,” wrote Director Gajendra Deshra.

In late 2008 the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver contacted Jerry Golphenee for information about the church in Nepal. Ralph Williams visited in Feb., 2009 and again with Bob Turner in Sept. The result is that the NCBS opened in Jan., 2010.

The school began with Director Gajendra and Jerry doing the teaching. That has expanded to four additional Nepali preachers who occasionally teach or assist with a class.

Six visiting American teachers have taught special week-long classes. Two visitors stayed for two weeks.

The basic activities of the school are as follows:

  • Comprehensive teaching and training of the full-time students.
  • The students go out in groups of twos and threes Friday afternoons through Sunday to assist local congregations.
  • The last Saturday of each month the school hosts an area-wide fellowship which includes classes and lunch.
  • At least four times each year Nepali preachers and leaders outside the Kathmandu Valley are invited to a week of special classes.
  • At lest four times each year students are taken to congregations in remote mountain or jungle areas for a week campaign.
  • Every October, during a three-week national holiday, the school offers four days of special classes and activities for youth, ages 15-22.  About 40 from distant congregations join 20 local young Christians.

The school’s goals are to teach, train, and prepare sound preachers and servant leaders, to use the school as a focal point of teaching and maturing many Christians, and to go to people in areas who can’t go to the capital for teaching and encouragement.

Jerry has been in Nepal for 15 years. “The progress I have seen through the school in the last 21 months has been unparalleled,” he said. “That is to be expected since we now have a year-round mission program to compliment and support the activities that that have established the church over the past 20 years.”

The school will begin with the second group of 13-15 students Nov. 7.

“We anticipate that the next two years will continue and surpass the progress began Jan., 2010,” Jerry said.