by Ernest Clevenger, Jr.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (BNc) — The Restoration booklet, A History of the Cowart Street Church of Christ, Chattanooga, TN, published in 1972, and compiled by Ernest A. Clevenger, Sr., has been edited and reissued by Ernest Clevenger, Jr.

Cowart Street was the mother church in Chattanooga, established in 1886.

The 37 page booklet has been converted into a PDF e-Book. It contains informative articles by early members, a roll call of men, many well-known, who preached for the church, an article about finding preachers locally, and several narratives of families who made up the church.

Cowart Street was responsible for the establishment of more than a dozen of the congregations in the Chattanooga area. It lost its property to freeway construction in 1958.

This Restoration history e-Book can be downloaded free.