JUNDIAÍ, Brazil (BNc) — Starting the new semester of the School of the Bible, 157 students attended the first classes of 11 courses taught by five Brazilian professors, coordinator Marcelo Gonçalves reported.

A total of 168 people signed up for the courses. Of those who attended, 58 are evangelical, 20 are Catholic, and 14 marked “other.”

Several people are usually baptized as a result of the courses at the end of each semester.

The courses include two introductory courses and studies about the Holy Spirit and eschatology.

The School of the Bible (Portuguese link) is the principal evangelistic effort of the Jundiaí congregation.

The city of Jundiaí, located in the state of São Paulo, has a population of about 350,000 people. The church is organized with three elders and deacons, with some 150 saints.