PORIRUA, New Zealand (BNc) — The Porirua church met on May 8 for its first worship service, with 78 people, many visiting Christians from surrounding areas.

For two Saturdays before the first meeting, with the help of a group from Freed-Hardeman, they conducted a campaign to put flyers in letter boxes and door-knock, saturating the closest neighborhoods. Approximately 18,500 homes were personally visited, covering the entire Porirua area.  Ten Bible studies were set up, with eleven additional contacts to revisit.

Kevin Moore, missionary in Porirua said, “Besides the Freed-Hardeman group, the Christians in Wellington have been a big help with these outreach efforts.”

The church is meeting in a school hall in a good location in Porirua.

“We shared a potluck meal after the first meeting and were joined by three local boys who wandered in from the playground”, said Moore.

During the third meeting, the church welcomed their first official visitors from the community – two ladies, one of whom brought her baby, and a family of five. A Bible study was set with the baby’s mother, who brought three of her five children the following Sunday.

“We’re planning to start a children’s Bible class within the next couple of weeks. We very much appreciate all who have joined us in the Lord’s work here through your support, prayers, and encouragement”, said Moore.