Editor’s Note: As of noon today, Central time, The Jenkins Institute website and ministry launches, in conjunction with the announcement through BNc. We recommend to you this faithful work that will continue the legacy of Jerry Jenkins for the progress of the gospel.

by Jeff Jenkins and Dale Jenkins

The Jenkins Institute carries on the legacy of Jerry JenkinsLEWISVILLE, Tex. (BNc) — Our dad Jerry Austin Jenkins was a man of vision and passion. He left behind a legacy of faith and his vision for serving the church.

He saw a forest and envisioned a Christian camp for young people. Today, Maywood Christian Camp is a first-class camp and home to thousands of young people each summer.

He envisioned a television program by which the gospel could be preached throughout the Southeast U.S. At the time of his passing, “The Living Word” television program was the longest running and most popular, locally produced religious broadcast in Alabama.

He envisioned a Christian school in Birmingham that would allow students to learn the Word of God every day. Now Jefferson Christian Academy serves Birmingham and surrounding areas in a marvelous way.

He envisioned a school to train deaf preachers to carry the gospel to the deaf around the world. Today, the Birmingham Bible School for the Deaf has sent deaf preachers around the country to proclaim God’s message to those who cannot hear.

He learned that there was one English-speaking nation left in the world where there was no church of Christ and he envisioned the church being planted in that country. Now there are strong, growing, and vibrant congregations throughout the nation of Belize.

Dad believed the best was yet to be. Among two of his favorite quotes were: “The future is as bright as the promises of God,” and “Attempt great things for God, expect great help from God.”

The Jenkins Institute seeks to honor this type of vision. Through seminars, workshops, books, and publications, we will continue and hope to expand the legacy of a man with faith and vision.

Our goal in these efforts is to edify the church, encourage preachers (especially younger preachers), and strengthen families. Between the two of us we have more than 70 years of experience in preaching the gospel and helping churches grow.

What We Do

PREACHING SEMINARS – These two- to three-day seminars are held at various regions around the country. The format allows preachers to attend and not miss a Sunday at their home congregation. We encourage elders to send your preacher. It will do him good to have a little time away from the daily grind and to interact with other preachers. If you are a preacher and would like to help in planning a Preaching Seminar in your region please contact us.

We have committed ourselves to encouraging those who preach. These seminars will serve to provide strength, education, and fellowship as well as providing a welcomed retreat for the preacher. We will study, pray, laugh, equip and learn to do the Lord’s work more effectively together. We believe these seminars will invigorate your ministry and reignite your energies.

CHURCH GROWTH SEMINARS – These weekend or one-day seminars will strengthen God’s people. The church will learn how every member can do his or her part in helping the local body grow.

LEADERSHIP SEMINARS – These seminars are designed for elders and other church leaders to learn valuable tools that will help them become better leaders for the Lord. In these seminars you will grow in your knowledge and ability as a leader of God’s people.

FAMILY SEMINARS – These seminars are meant to build better families. The home, the building block of our society, is struggling. In these seminars church families will receive valuable tools to help strengthen their home. Family Seminars can be held on weekends, Sunday-Wednesday, or Sunday only.

GOSPEL MEETINGS – If you would like to have an old fashioned gospel meeting where the gospel is preached at each service, we are happy to help. Sermons can be designed to be evangelistic in nature to reach out the lost souls, or they can be designed to encourage the church. We attempt to do at least one combined meeting each year where both of us preach, in addition to our individual meetings.

WEBSITE – Our website explains the nature and work of The Jenkins Institute. It includes our blogs and our speaking schedules. Here, “Thoughts From The Mound” and “The Tie That Binds” will continue to encourage, challenge, and inspire. And “The Scoop Blog” will expand as Jeff and Dale work on it together. It also includes an explanation of the various seminars available as well as our contact information.

We desire to be an encouragement to fellow servants and their work. We will help churches and individuals develop and promote the good works they envision being a part of that will bless our great brotherhood. Our prayer is that The Jenkins Institute will be a tremendous blessing to our great brotherhood for years to come.

For more information about having one of these seminars in your area please contact us at:

or both of us through the contact information on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.