by Allen Melton, deacon of missions with the Nederland church

SALTILLO, Mexico (BNc) — Juan Martinez, a minister in Mexico supported by the Nederland Church of Christ (in the Beaumont area) has requested our prayers. His family must come up with 50,000 pesos, or they all will be murdered. He is not asking for money, just prayers for him and his family’s protection.

Juan Martinez is a self-supported church of Christ preacher in Saltillo, Mexico. In 2009 we trucked about two tons of materials by land from Nederland, Texas, to Saltillo, Mexico, and Juan saw to it that part was distributed in Northeastern Mexico and the majority put in the Mexican mail service. Juan did this for us in 2009 and 2010, and I’m praying that he will this year. The materials are on the border waiting for transhipment from McAllen, Texas to Saltillo, Mexico.

The Zetas cartel called Juan and told him to pay 4,500 USD or they will murder one of his family members. A US citizen was threatened and subsequently his wife was killed close to Monterrey, Mexico. This happened about two or three weeks ago. These are very cruel people.

When he receives his materials I will go to Mexico to be with him while he mails the materials in Saltillo.


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  1. I know he is not asking for money and that is honorable.

    However, this last year one of the ministers that our church helps support in El Salvador was threatened like that. He didin’t ask for money either and subsequently was murdered in cold blood in front of his family in front of the church building on Sunday morning.

    If Juan has family in Mexico he needs to ask for help in getting them out of the country.