by Dale Jenkins

INTERNET, (BNc) — (TEN) in conjunction with iPreach announces a new podcast in cooperation with the Gospel Advocate.

Adam Faughn and Dale Jenkins introduced iPreach in September 2008. iPreach has become the most listened to podcast produced by members of the churches of Christ. Adam and Dale are delighted to introduce on February 9, 2011 a new podcast called “ThePagesPodcast”. Pages is a podcast for any member of the church who loves books. Books will come from a wide variety of publishers and fields.

Each month ThePagesPodcast will introduce a new book that will be reviewed the next month. These books will be drop-shipped at a discount of between 15-50% to each member of the book club. On the podcast, we will review that month’s book as well as interviewing various authors.

All members of the club will be required to get a copy of the book selected each month. The Gospel Advocate will charge each club member’s credit/debit card for the discounted amount of the book, plus a minimal shipping charge.

To sign up for the book club, please send an email with your name, address, and best phone number with best time to call. A Gospel Advocate employee will contact you to ensure we have your information correct and to obtain billing information.