by Jeanette Raines

WELLINGTON, NZ (BNc) — A new work in the area of Porirua, called Porirua Missions, started in Jan. 2011, with the arrival of the Kevin Moore family.

The Moore family arrived after a full schedule of visiting various congregations to raise support for this work. They are eager to get stuck into the work in Porirua.

God’s providence has provided the Moore family with a household of furniture given by Mitch and Robin Harper. The Moore family will save a lot of time and money looking for house furnishings and will be able to focus more on the work they have come to do. However, they will not be able to move into their house until Feb. 9.

Lance and Kristen Mosher, graduates of Freed-Hardeman, plan to continue the work when the Moore’s return to the States in Dec. 2012. They will be coming to Porirua during the last six months of the Moore’s stay in New Zealand so that there will be a continuance of the work. Alan Fisher is working on his fundraising and visa, so needs prayers and support to join this work as soon as possible.

Kevin and Lynne Moore and their daughters Loren and Kaitlyn live in Henderson, Tenn., where Kevin is a member of the Bible faculty at Freed-Hardeman University and Lynne works as a pharmacist.

The Moores have a combined total of 20+ years experience as evangelists in New Zealand. Kevin began his missionary journey in August of 1987 when he moved as a single man to work with the church in Wellington, New Zealand. He has also preached the gospel in several Pacific Island nations, as well as Indonesia, and Singapore.

After their marriage in 1995, he and Lynne moved to Wanganui, New Zealand to establish the Lord’s church. They returned to the States in 2003 to begin work at FHU.

Moore will be taking a two-year leave of absence from FHU. He and Lynne have committed to helping the Porirua Missions team during the first two critical years to establish the church. Moore will return to his position on the Bible faculty at FHU, and the rest of the team will continue the work of growing the Lord’s church in Porirua.