by Lisa Carter

PANAMA CITY, Panama (BNc) — Panama had extreme flooding during the month of December and many Christian families of indigenous people living in remote villages were affected.

There are many Panamanian families, four American families living in Panama and Larry Brady’s organization in Alabama, helping. Between us, we have raised approximately $25,000 in flood relief aid. We’ve already delivered food, water, and building supplies. We’re making plans to re-lay pipes bringing fresh, spring water to one village. Water purification chemicals are on their way from the U.S. and should arrive any day.

One Panamanian minister is preaching almost every Sunday now, in a village where no one had been preaching before. Four of us left on Monday, Jan. 31, to make another delivery trip and see what the current needs are. (When I say a trip, that means six hours by car, then another eight-nine hours by dug-out canoe to get to some of the villages.)

All donations for the flood relief have come from churches of Christ in the U.S. Using those funds, the churches were the first to get food and clean water to at least 11 villages. We were also the first to start helping destroyed villages relocate. The Panamanian government has just recently made it out there and started helping, and the flood happened almost 2 months ago! You can visit Kim Powell’s site to see some videos of the relief effort.