by Glenda Williams, BNC correspondent

Geneva, AL BNc — The television program, “Getting To Know Your Bible,” began in September 2006. It airs on DirecTV Monday through Friday nights at 9:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. CT on channel 377. Billy Lambert, minister of the Summerdale church of Christ, Summerdale, AL is speaker for this popular program which is overseen by elders of the church. Currently airing on Total Christian Television Network, volunteer telephone operators take calls from all over the nation and prepare CDs and DVDs for mailing.

Along with preaching the gospel, Bible Correspondence courses are offered viewers of the program. Presently they have students in all fifty states as well as several foreign countries including Africa, India, and the Philippines. Volunteers grade the lessons and follow through to make sure the students reach their full potential. Many souls are led to the Lord through the efforts of “Getting to Know Your Bible.” For schedules and more information see