Tucson, AZ (BNc) — The tragic shooting spree on Saturday, Jan. 9, left six dead and fourteen wounded. One of the dead, Dorwin Stoddard, was a member of the Mountain Avenue church in Tucson.

Dorwin,75,  threw himself in the line of fire to save his wife, Mavy. Dorwin and Mavy have ministered to the Tucson community through the benevolence program at the Mountain Avenue congregation.

“They are well-loved in the community because they walk the walk. They got into the lives of the people they helped,” said Jody Nowak, church secretary and wife of Mike Nowak, minister.

“It was just an act of lunacy. Pray for peace, understanding and tolerance, especially by the people in politics,” said Nowak.

Mavy is recovering from wounds received during the shooting. She is to be released from the hospital today. At present, no funeral arrangements have been made for Dorwin Stoddard.