PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (BNc) — A preacher wants to register baptisms around the world on his website Baptism365, as a demonstration that God is adding to the church daily.

Rick Kelly, preacher for the Prestonsburg congregation, wanted to write on the Internet, but hit two roadblocks. First, he said, “there are plenty of other beneficial writings in the brotherhood. If I did blog, I wanted to provide some other kind of service. Also, I wanted to do something that was more self-sufficient, something that wouldn’t fail if I had an overly busy week in ministry; something that could continue easily, even if I was sick; something someone else could pick up if I was away; something that would keep going almost by itself.”

Inspired by the passage in Acts 2:47, “and the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved,” Rick thought that this must still happen every day, somewhere.

“A couple weeks ago, it hit me: what if I could collect reports of baptisms from around the world and post them on one blog? That would be a chance to prove my theory about Acts 2:47. As an added benefit, that would provide a great service: a unique form of encouragement for a globally wired brotherhood. Finally, it met my need to create something self-sufficient,” he said.

The plan for Baptism365 is simple. It is its own good news. Its freshness comes from its sources. Each day, Rick hopes that readers will have the opportunity to learn of their new brothers and sisters in the Lord.

“The good news permeating the globe is an encouraging and awesome thought. It is, in essence, watching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at work in real time, all around the world,” Rick said.

The website is located at Baptism365.

A graduate of West Virginia School of Preaching, Rick has served with the Prestonsburg church since 2004. His wife Samantha homeschools their six children.