by Willie Alvarenga

BEDFORD, Tx. (BNc) — Thanks to our heavenly Father, we were able to have an excellent lectureship!

Many Spanish brethren from Brown Trail were involved in this lectureship. Our sisters did an excellent job cooking breakfast and lunch for those who attended this event. Everyone worked very hard for several days trying to get everything ready for our lectureship. Well, Nov. 13 came, and everything was ready to receive everyone who made the time to be with us.

We would like to say thank you to the elders for allowing this lectureship to take place at the Brown Trail building. We are indeed forever thankful to them and to everyone else who made everything possible for this lectureship to be a success. To God be the glory!

We had 14 displays from different ministries of the Lord’s church. Those who attended the lectureship were able to take home free literature that ministries provided for this event. We thank all of those brethren who traveled several miles to bring their displays to this lectureship.

We were able to make the lectureship book available in Spanish. All of the speakers prepared a manuscript which was then put into a lectureship book. Brother Willie Alvarenga was in charge of editing this book of 71 pages. The central theme of this year’s lectureship was: Studying God’s Word Efficiently.

We had a total of 9 speakers preaching and teaching the word of God. All of them are graduates from the Brown Trail School of Preaching. In this program we had classes for the ladies, the men and the young people. The attendance for each of these classes was great! Thanks to the great job of Brother Mark Teske, we were able to record each lesson in audio and video. We are also thankful to each teacher who helped with the children’s classes. Each of them did a wonderful job.

Three panelist were able to answer questions given to them. Brother Obed Rodriguez, Douglas Alvarenga and Willie Alvarenga did an excellent job giving Biblical answers to several questions. We are thankful to Mark Teske and Brother Luis Camacho for making the broadcasting of our lectureship possible. At the end of the lectures, information was given to us telling us of the 15 countries who were able to view and listen to the lectureship live.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ showed their true love as they worked hard during this lectureship. We commend each of them for their dedication and Christian love. May God grant us more brethren who truly enjoy serving the Lord in His kingdom.

We are indeed very thankful to the elders for supporting this great lectureship. We were very encouraged as we saw their happy faces and heard their words of encouragement for this event. Indeed we are thankful to them for allowing this lectureship to be part of the Spanish program at Brown Trail School of Preaching.