by House to House Heart to Heart

ALBANY, Ga. (BNc) — Mary Alice Rigsby came by our church building and requested to study with one of our members. She has been receiving the House to House Heart to Heart (HTH) for some time and had studied her Bible, and realized that she must surely be obedient to the Lord. She came to be baptized and was following a study.

She and another lady, Syble Massey, who had received the magazine for some time, came to our building. Syble was a member of the church in Tennessee, but had not been faithful. She responded the first of October to be restored.

This makes a total of seven souls that have been reached initially by the HTH work since we have used this program beginning in 2002. We are grateful to the Lord for all the good that HTH is doing, and plan to continue to use this as one of the tools to reach the outside.

Submitted by Sam Hartline, the Eastside congregation in Albany, Ga.