by Jody Apple

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — In recent years East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions (ETSPM) published a small booklet-sized magazine called Journey. Though we’ve received positive comments about it, the most common remark we’ve heard has been, “What happened to Journey?” Alas, it was never published regularly.

That problem has been corrected and a “new and improved” quarterly, “The Journal of ETSPM,” now takes its place. The Fall 2010 (Sept.) issue is heading to both our USPS and email lists.

This issue focuses on “The Restoration Plea” and contains the following articles:

  • Restoration: The Plea…Jody Apple
  • Is Restoration Biblical?…David Pharr
  • The Restoration Plea as Seen by Others…Edwin Jones
  • The Seed Principle & Restoration…Avon Malone
  • Rejecting Restoration: Where Do You Go Next?…William Woodson
  • Restoration of Biblical Authority…Jody Apple

The article by William Woodson, “Rejecting Restoration: Where Do You Go Next?,” was one of the last things he wrote before his death. His influence among “our people,” a favorite expression of his for the Lord’s church, will be greatly missed.

Future issues will appear in Winter (Dec.), Spring (Mar.) and Summer (June). December’s topic will focus on “Calvinism.”

PDF copies of both The Messenger and The Journal of ETSPM will be archived online. To receive these two periodicals, one monthly (The Messenger) and the other quarterly (The Journal of ETSPM), go to the signup page.

There is no subscription charge for either of these periodicals.

Direct links to the archives are as follows: The Messenger and The Journal of ETSPM.

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