by David Fanning

MARKHAM, Ontario, Canada (BNc) —
The most significant debate since the 1930s on the issue of “Sabbath versus The First Day of the Week” took place in Canada on August 25-26.

Kevin Pendergrass handily defended the truth against George Ramocan. Pendergrass is one of the evangelists of the Gospel of Christ media program of the McLish Ave church in Ardmore, Okla., and George Ramocan is Jamaica Consul General of Canada as well as prominent preacher, debater and media spokesman for the Church of God International. Ramocan was formerly an activist and Senator of Jamaica.

Over 80% of the crowd was Sabbatarians, one of which has already converted to the truth on this subject because of the debate.

The debate was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Markham, Ontario Canada. The propositions  for the two-night debate were “The Scriptures teach that Christians are to observe the Sabbath,” and “The Scriptures teach that Christians are to come together every week on the first day.”

“This will be a great tool to use in converting your Sabbatarian relatives, neighbors, etc.,” stated Pendergrass.

Free copies of the debate (and other Bible materials) are made available at their website or by calling 580-223-3289.