by Tom Childers

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (BNc) — I have been asked to teach the remaining classes that brother William Woodson was scheduled to teach at the Graymere church in Columbia, Tenn., on the Restoration Movement.

Yesterday, I went by the hospital before the class but did not see anyone. The family has been provided a special room where they can stay, so they are not staying in the regular intensive care waiting room.

John Vaughn gave the class an update on his condition as he understands it. Brother Woodson is still grave, but has shown some signs of kidney function. They are leaving the cavity wall open so they can regularly remove fluid. If he survives, it is going to be a long battle to recover and how much recovery is possible is not known. Brother Woodson is a fighter, but I am sure that he would not want to remain in this condition if he cannot regain his ability to function, especially in his biblical studies. At this point, the only choice is to keep him comfortable, regularly remove the fluid, and wait on the Lord.

Last night I learned some of the details of what happened. On Thursday, two weeks ago, brother Woodson had a colonoscopy. At 6:00 p.m. he was determined to teach the scheduled Restoration Movement class at Graymere, but during the class he developed sever pain and was carried to the emergency room at Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia. Surgery was performed the next day to removed a tumor and repair a ruptured colon. Several days later his body went into septic shock and his kidneys ceased to function.

So far two surgeries have been performed to remove infection and fluid. As far as I know, his wife Jeanne has not left the hospital and has been with him the entire time.