by Tom Childers

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (BNc) — We  have  heard  from  William Woodson’s family  concerning  his condition after surgery. The  oncologist  told the  family  last  night, Aug. 25,  that  there  was  cancer  in  eight  of  the  32 lymph  nodes  removed  during  Woodson’s surgery on Friday, Aug. 20.  However,  they  were  told this  morning  that  all  the  cancer  had  been  removed  and  that chemotherapy  would  probably  not  be  necessary.

Woodson had  a bad  night  last  night  due  to  severe  abdominal  pain.  So  much  so that  X-rays  were  made  and  a  strong  sedative  was  given.  No word  yet  from  the  X-rays, but  he  will  not  wake  from  the sedative  until  sometime  this  afternoon.

Woodson’s wife Jeanne  put  a  no visitor sign  on  the  door  so  they  both  could  sleep.  I  would  also recommend  no  calls  until  later  today.  We  ask  that  you  continue to  pray  for  William  and Jeanne  and their  family.

Woodson was to speak at this year’s Polishing the Pulpit workshop, where he was to be honored with the Lifetime Service Award.