by Chad Dollahite, preacher in Childersburg, Ala.

Childersburg, Ala. (BNc) — Thirteen teens and four adults canvassed the city of Childersburg in door-knocking efforts July 19-21.

Chris Clevenger, associate evangelist of the Ironaton church in Talladega, Ala., led the group. This is the second campaign he has organized and conducted, and discussions are underway for other campaigns in Summer, 2011.

Workers arrived in Childersburg Sat., July 17, for some games and rest, and to get acquainted with their lodging at the Creekside Christian Camp, located on the property of the Childersburg congregation.

Saturday night, workers stuffed packets for distribution throughout the week. Each packet contained a flyer for the gospel meeting; the tract “What Is the Church of Christ?” by Roger D. Campbell, missionary in Malaysia; a full-color trifold brochure with information about the local congregation, a business card, and a magnetic memo pad with the congregation’s information.

Workers canvassed Childersburg with these packets, seeking also to set up home Bible studies or Bible correspondence course enrollments.

The totals for the week were as follows:

  • 1174 doors knocked
  • 19 home Bible studies set up
  • 38 Bible correspondence courses
  • 3 souls baptized into Christ

The congregation will be following up with studies or written material in the coming weeks.

The campaign ended Thursday with the teens going to nearby DeSoto Caverns Park for a day of fun before returning home.  Many of the teens had never been on such a campaign, and several commented that the experience was “better than [Bible] camp.”

The Childersburg congregation is grateful to these teens for their love for souls and willingness to come help us to help others. Only eternity will tell the good done through their efforts.

Many from the Childersburg congregation also worked tirelessly, providing food and funds to make the campaign a success. To God be the glory!

“So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase” (1 Cor. 3:7).

The teen campaign workers were Baylee Morris (13, Glencoe), Xavier Embry (18, Ironaton), Joseph Cleveland (17), Kelsey Gallahar (16), Braden Mitchell (15), Brandon Irvin (15), Dominique Bridges (15), Randi Stephens (14), Katie Smith (13), Aireonia Bridges (12), from Iranton; Dillon Floyd (17, from Jacksonville; Kathryn Clark (15) and Madison Watts (11), from Munford); Ingram McCollum (16), Abbie Welch (11), Peter Whitworth (9), Rachel Whitworth (9), Scott Ray (8), and Joshua Dollahite (6), from Childersburg.

Thanks also to adults Chris & Melissa Clevenger (Ironaton), Lee Snow (Jacksonville), Kristin Clevenger (Freed-Hardeman University), Chance Hicks (Adamsville), Kelly Smith (Lay Lake), Mike Ray (Childersburg), and Kevin Ray (Childersburg), for help as chaperones for the teens and for assistance with door-knocking.