by Doyle Kee

(BNc) — The Geneva, Switzerland, church celebrated its 40th anniversary Sunday, June 13.

Participants in the week-long work and celebration emphasis came from Scotland, Canada, France and the USA. James Jones, Yann Opsitch and Arlin Hendrix were special speakers.

The church in Geneva began in the spring of 1970 with the arrival of Doyle and Barbara Kee (photo) and their three children.

With the help of many other workers during campaigns and one to two years’ residences in Geneva, the church has matured.

Today, there are four elders, four deacons, and one full-time brother who works with the educational activities of the church.

The teaching and preaching is a mutual ministry with as many as eight brothers involved.

There are about 90 members and an attendance regularly surpassing 100 participants.

The church has good facilities of five classrooms and an auditorium which can hold a maximum of 130 people.

The Geneva church is ready to move ahead into its next 40 years of history. It is growing locally and has a strong mission program into French-speaking countries.

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