by Travis Irwin, involvement minister

ATHENS, Tenn., (BNC) — The Athens congregation just finished their first “His Eternal Plan” workshop.

The workshop is designed to assist Christians in setting up and conducting studies with non-Christians while presenting the simple truths of the gospel. Jerry Tallman of Rochester, Mich., and his wife Connie travel all over the USA and the world offering this workshop for free.

Tallman is best known for his book by the same title and simply asking people, “do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?” (Most people say “Yes”) and “do you understand the Bible?” (Most people say “No”). He then shows them a time line that outlines God’s eternal plan.

Tallman says the best approach is to get a spiritual conversation going and when a prospect asks a question, you reply, “That’s a good question. Can I study on that and we get together two nights from tonight to discuss the Bible’s answer?” Jerry’s lessons are biblical, simple and powerful.

Jerry and Connie travel in their own RV and have been doing this for four and a half years. You can contact Jerry at his website and download some of his messages and power point presentations. Or you can contact Travis Irwin, involvement minister of the Athens church of Christ for a recommendation.