Duluth, Georgia (BNc) — From March 9-30, 2010 John Grubb made a preaching trip to Singapore and Indonesia. This was his 36th mission trip since 1992.

After the 25-hour trip to Singapore, he spoke at the Lim Ah Pin congregation during their Thursday night English Bible class.

On Friday night he began a gospel meeting at the Jurong congregation with the topic, “God’s Word is Relevant.” Brethren from Lim Ah Pin were also present on Friday and Saturday nights. The last lesson was given on Sunday morning.

Sunday he preached in Chinese for the evening service at Lim Ah Pin.

On Monday morning he left for the island of Bali, Indonesia. The trip to Singaraja in the northern part of the island, that should have taken three hours, took all day because of heavy traffic in connection with a Hindu holiday. Because of the same holiday, he could not leave the hotel all day Tuesday, so spent the time studying.

On Wednesday morning he had a two-hour Bible study with Singaraja Christians.

Wednesday afternoon he flew to the island of Java and the city of Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia (city 3 million, environs 7 million). Because the flight was delayed, the Bible study did not begin until 9:30 pm. Additional Bible studies were conducted for three hours on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

On Saturday morning he flew on to Jakarta (largest city, population 8.5 million, metropolitan area 23 million). Saturday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm a study with about 15 brethren was conducted on the eldership, which was continued for five more hours on Sunday.

On Monday morning, March 22nd, he flew to Lampung on Sumatra with brother Victor Nainggolan who had accompanied him for seven days as guide and translator.

From Tuesday through Friday mornings he taught for four hours on leadership from the book of Nehemiah at the Southern Sumatra Bible Academy and also spoke in chapel on Tuesday.

From Tuesday through Thursday evenings he preached in a gospel meeting.

After spending Saturday and Sunday with the brethren, he flew back to Jakarta on Sunday evening, on to Singapore on Monday afternoon, and from there back to the States on Tuesday.

John Grubb served as a missionary to Taiwan from 1982 to 1992. In October of 1992 he began working full-time with ‘Truth for the World,’ an evangelistic work of the Duluth church of Christ in Duluth, Georgia that produces television and radio programs, and written materials in Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian and English. John speaks Mandarin, and reads and writes Chinese. Materials he has prepared and translated into Chinese are used around the world and are available from the website.