ONICHA NGWA, Nigeria (BNc) — Jacob Achinefu, long time church leader in Nigeria, was recently kidnapped. After seven days of torture and being left out in the weather, he was released. He was taken to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. His kidneys are not working properly, which is causing great concern for his life.

Achinefu is the director of the Nigerian Institute of Bibical Studies (NIBS) at Onicha Ngwa, just behind Nigerian Christian Hospital. He has his Masters from Abilene Christian University in Bibical languages. The Achinefu family has served faithfully in Nigeria for many years.

Kidnapping is big business in Nigeria, as witnessed by similar incidents involving Okon Mkpong and Dr. Robert Whittaker.

Achinefu was kidnapped two weeks ago while on his way home from the school. He was released one week later, and has been in the hospital since then.

“We do not know why his kidneys have shut down,” said Cliff Jarrell, who contacted BNc about the Achinefu family.

Achinefu has been transferred to a hospital in Lagos, where he has made small improvements but is still in critical condition.

“The greatest need he expressed was for folks to pray for him,” said Jarrell.