NDHIWA, Kenya (BNc) — During the last year brother Benard Ooko Kagaga has taught Bible classes in 13 schools in the Ndhiwa area.

He shows DVDs on his laptop, which captures the attention of the students.

By way of introduction he uses lessons by Michael Shank, “Why are there so many churches?” published by World Video Bible School and lessons by Roy Davison, “Can we be the church of the New Testament?” distributed free of charge on DVD by the Strathmore congregation, in Toronto, Canada.

Brother Shank’s lessons can be viewed on YouTube:


Brother Davison’s lessons can be viewed in the Old Paths Archive:


Before showing the DVDs brother Kagaga asks the students to write down any questions that come to their mind as they watch. Afterwards he asks them to read out their questions and he encourages them to explain their questions thoroughly. He says: “Through this I learn everyone’s position and what each one needs to be taught in response to his question.”

When brother Kagaga himself was in secondary school, he enrolled in World Bible School and was taught by brother Wayne Duren. He was baptized into the body of Christ on May 16, 1994.

He explains: “I was a Catholic. After being baptized into Christ, since there was no Lord’s church around where I could place membership, I went back to the Roman Catholic building where they gave me an opportunity to teach. I only did it for two weeks because then most of them went away saying I was trying to bring another denomination in there. But they did not all go, I continued teaching seven of them. Later they were baptized and became very faithful to the Lord.”

Since that time brother Kagaga has been instrumental in planting congregations of the Lord’s church in Ndhiwa, Ndisi, Ngulu and Oodi Nyamanga. This is in the central western portion of Kenya bordering on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria and on Tanzania.

Brother Kagaga attended the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania from March 2005 until March 2007.

Through the years he has baptized over 400 souls into Christ. He serves as an instructor for the home Bible studies of ‘Truth For The World’ and conducts follow-up meetings with those who complete the Bible courses. He also preaches in series of gospel meetings wherever he is invited to do so.

He preaches regularly for the congregation in Kalamindi which is two and one-half kilometers west of Ndhiwa. At present they have about 58 members. This is after they split because of distance and formed two new congregations 8 and 14 km away.

Several other men are preaching actively in this part of Kenya including Elias Omollo, Charles Ogutu, Veroon Wasonga, Barack Oluoch Okumu and George Okoth Ongondo. All of these men have attended the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, and another brother, Richard Otieno Aroko,  is currently enrolled.