by Robert Swain

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (BNc) — A couple of months ago my friend Dickie Harris approached me about doing a gospel meeting for a house church that he started in his home last year.

Dickie has been a professional musician, playing in several places including Nashville. He has friends in all walks of life.  Some of his friends who he wanted to reach with the gospel felt very uncomfortable going to a typical church building, so he started to hold services in his home and they came.

I believe that Dickie is doing a great thing and might be an avenue of evangelism that most of us have not looked into.  It is great that right here in Faulkner County, Ark., two new congregations of the Lord’s church (the Vilonia congregation and this house church) have been established in the past two years.

If there was a congregation at every intersection it still would not be enough to reach all of the lost!

He asked if I would be willing to hold their first meeting and, of course, I said yes.

He told me not to dress up and to pick lessons that would evangelize and encourage. I tried to do that.

Throughout the four-day meeting we had between 14 and 17 each night. The singing and fellowship were great.

I was surprised by the number of visitors from the community who came.

This little church has already had two baptisms since the summer.

If you are interested in having a meeting at your congregation, feel free to call!