MONTGOMERY, Alabama (BNc) — From June 8-11 a retreat for elders and their wives will be held on the campus of Faulkner University.

‘Elders Connect 2009’ is the 14th edition of this annual event, intended as an opportunity for spiritual refreshment, Bible study and fellowship.

cecilmayjrLectures by Cecil May, Jr on the theme ‘Seeking Biblical balance in salvation issues’ will include ‘Grace & Obedience’, ‘Worship’ and ‘Associations & Fellowship’.

Brother May is dean of the V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies at Faulkner.

Howard Norton will discuss ‘Qualities that every leader should have’, ‘Working ourselves out of a job’, and ‘What church leaders can do that others cannot’.

Charles Hodge will give three lectures on ‘Preachers’.

Ed Walker’s topics are ‘God’s Basic Expectations’, ‘Israel & Old Testament Restoration’ and ‘God’s Expectations under the NT’.

Other speakers include Billy Lambert, Barry Hatcher, Roy Johnson, Matthew Conley, Sam Long (for a daily men’s session), and Elsa Price (for a daily ladies’ session).

Additional information is on the Faulkner website.

Faulkner University strives to have teachers and staff who are committed to Biblical truth.

The institution began in 1942 as Montgomery Bible School. In 1953 the name was changed to Alabama Christian College, and in 1985 it became Faulkner University. There are satellite campuses at Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham. The school has about 3000 students and a faculty of 118.