MONROVIA, Liberia (BNc) — Over 200 denominational preachers are expected for lectures on the church in this African capital city.

Todd Clippard of the Burleson church, Hamilton, Ala., and Bill Burk of Seagoville, Tex., will make their eleventh and ninth trips to the West African nation of Ghana to work with a school of preaching and also conduct an evangelistic campaign.

During their first week of work they will work a group of four other Americans, led by Toby Soechting of Howe, Tex. A three-day evangelistic campaign will target at least three villages in the Western Region near Takoradi, Ghana’s fourth largest city and a metropolitan area of a half million souls.

Previous campaigns have resulted in dozens of baptisms, including two campaigns that each resulted in more than 200 baptisms. This campaign will include at least 30 local preachers, including the faculty and staff of West Coast School of Preaching.

West Coast School of Preaching was established in the late 1990’s. In 2005, property was purchased and a new campus was constructed in the village of Ituma just east of Takoradi on the coastal highway.

West Coast School of Preaching operates under the oversight of the Howe elders and is a cooperative effort of the Howe and Burleson congregations. This year the school will come under the umbrella of Bear Valley School of Preaching in Denver, Colo., with oversight retained by Howe.

After a week in Ghana, Clippard and Burk will fly to Monrovia, Liberia, for a rare opportunity.

Through contact with brother Ken Gardner of Clinton, Miss., a large denominational church in Monrovia has invited the brethren to lecture for three days under the theme, “The New Testament Church.”

The initial Liberia contact is the fruit of the “Seeking the Lost” short-wave radio program overseen by the Clinton, Miss., church (

Local organizers say more than 200 local denominational preachers are expected to attend each day.

The announced topics include: “The Church in Prophecy and Purpose;” “Identifying Marks of the Church of the New Testament — Organization, Terms of Entrance, and Worship;” “New Testament Worship;” “The New Testament and Baptism:” and “The New Testament and the Holy Spirit.”

There will be multiple morning and afternoon sessions with evangelistic preaching each evening. This will be the first trip to Liberia for these brothers.

The two will also work with local brethren who are currently being troubled by American brethren who are pushing the “one cup” issue. Lectures on this and related topics will take place locally as well as at Liberia Bible College.

Anyone interested in the work in Ghana or Liberia may contact Todd Clippard at 205-921-9417 or