Mac Deaver

Mac Deaver

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (BNc) — Mac Deaver will participate in a debate with a baptist minister April 27-30 at Schaumburg (Ill.) Church of Christ.  The title of the debate is “The Nature of Man.”

Deaver will affirm the proposition, “The Scriptures teach that a person is born innocent (free of sin) and becomes a sinner when he first transgresses the will of God, and that as a sinner (person in sin), he is able to respond to the gospel so that he can become a Christian.” Black will affirm the proposition, “The Scriptures teach that a person is born hereditarily totally depraved and prone to sin, and that as such, stands in need of salvation. A person that responds to the gospel does so in faith and repentance as drawn and enabled by the Holy Spirit.”

Currently preaching for the Sherman Drive church of Christ in Denton, Texas, Deaver received the bachelor of arts degree from Oklahoma Christian College, the master of arts from Harding University Graduate School of Religion, and a doctoral degree from Tennessee Bible College. He has preached for over 40 years, taught at Brown Trail School of Preaching, Southwest School of Bible Studies, and Tennessee Bible College. He has served in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Oklahoma. He is the editor of Biblical Notes Quarterly. His latest book, The Holy Spirit (Center Of Controversy-Basis Of Unity) was published in 2007. Deaver and his wife June have three children, two boys and a girl. Both boys are preachers. He also has nine grandchildren.

Black is a native of Illinois and is the minsiter for the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Hanover Park, Ill. He is a graduate of Bob Jones University and is currently pursuing graduate studies in the area of Biblical and Systematic Theology. He has been a foreign missionary in the Madrid and Basque regions of Spain, assisting in the establishment of two congregations. He helped found Puritan Publications.  He and his wife Jill have four children and reside in Elgin, Illinois.

If there are any arrangements to show the debate live on the web, updates to that effect will be posted here.