(BNc) — BrotherhoodNews.com makes available J.T. Bristow’s study, “A Few Minutes with Someone who Loves You,” in yet another, more flexible electronic format.

The format, called a tiddlywiki, is contained in a single html file, and presents several advantages to the user.

The main advantage of this format is that all the verses cited in the study are available at the click of a mouse, all contained within the file. While the teacher may want to use a Bible for the main verses, others can simply be read off the screen. This feature allows the teacher more time with the main points, rather than a time-consuming search in the pages of the Bible.

Also, the format opens a single frame or slide at a time, as do other formats, but has several navigational menus links and tabs that allow for quick movement back and forth between frames, when necessary.

The tiddlywiki version uses the NET Bible, a solid version available online which avoids out-dated language. But a teacher can also edit the file and substitute the passages in the study with this preferred version.

Also, the study can be used directly from the website or can be downloaded onto a computer of any type.

The study can be downloaded in a zipped file from the website and installed on a computer, or used directly from the online version.

If the teacher finds the graphics distracting, he can remove them from the folder in his computer and use a text-only version.

The study is available for use and download at this link:


The file contains several study tips, such as how to go to a full page in one’s browser and how to hide the study’s menus.

BNc reported earlier of the success of this study. Another report on its use is in preparation.