DANO, Burkino Faso (BNc) The house of Chad and Amy Carter burned down on Nov 21.

Chad, Amy, Noah & Benjamin

Chad, Amy, Noah & Benjamin

It caught fire in the morning while they were in Ouaga. When they heard about the fire, they left their children, Noah and Benjamin, with the Johnsons, another missionary family and rushed back to Dano.

They were overwhelmed by the devastation. Although the basic structure still stood, they lost everything inside except a few of the children’s clothes.

But they were equally overwhelmed by the love and support from Dagara friends who were all in their courtyard crying with them as they tried to fathom the loss.

The Carters will be staying temporarily in the house of another missionary couple who are in the States.

The Carters are part of a team effort to take the gospel to the Dagara people of Burkino Faso in West Africa. Other team members include the Chankins, the Johnsons and the Burks. The first group went to Burkino Faso in September of 2002. Another couple, the Richters have just arrived.

Because French is spoken in Burkino Faso, the Carters spent several months in Lyon, France in 2003-2004 studying French and then joined the others in March of 2004. Shortly after their arrival in Burkino Faso they also started studying the language of the Dagara people so they could minister to them in their heart-language.

The team started their evangelization in four villages (Mebar, Dano-Pari, Nakar, and Bontcolli). Two of these villages now have churches that are reaching out to villages around them.

The team has been busy with leadership training in those villages, and they are beginning to plant churches in new villages with the help of Dagara Christians. There are now congregations that have been planted solely by the efforts of Dagara Christians.

At present there are 10 congregations. Over 400 people have come to Christ by the power of the gospel and the grace of God.

The Carters are supported by the Richardson East Church of Christ, 1504 E. Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75081, (972) 231-8231.

Information about their work can be found here.