ATHENS, Greece (BNc) Niko, a 19-year-old man from Moldavia, was baptized at Cenchrea by Dinos Roussos Oct. 28.

Niko arrived in Athens to attend an English-language secondary school, from which he graduated in June. He started attending the youth meetings of the Omonia congregation in Athens on Saturday evenings. Since he speaks Greek, English, Russian and Romanian, he had also done some translating for brother Roussos from Greek to Russian and from Greek to English.

The Omonia congregation went on an outing Oct. 28, a holiday in Greece. At Cenchrea (Acts 18:18 and Rom. 16:1) they stopped at the ruins of an ancient church building, half submerged in the sea. Before Niko’s baptism, brother Roussos explained the meaning of baptism to the 47 people present, some of whom were visitors who had never witnessed a Biblical baptism before.

Greek, Russian, English and Bulgarian congregations meet at the Omonia building in Athens.

Dinos Roussos’s father Antony was baptized by George Dumas who went to Greece to preach in 1960.

Antony’s son, Dinos, was baptized when he was 17 and began preaching. After attending university for three years in Athens and then graduating from Abilene Christian University, he began working with the congregation in downtown Athens in 1981. In 1977 he married Debbie Brown whom he had met at ACU.
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