EDMOND, Okla. (BNc)- The largest TV broadcast effort among churches of Christ has chosen its second speaker in its 29-year history.

Phil SandersThe program “In Search of the Lord’s Way” has chosen Phil Sanders, minister of the Concord Road church, Brentwood, Tenn., to eventually replace Mack Lyon, the program’s founder and speaker.

The program is rated in the top three religious TV programs in the nation, according to the Nov., 2008, issue of the program’s bulletin “The Search Light.”

Phil will begin work with the broadcast ministry Jan. 1, 2009.

In a message written Nov. 12 in “Chronicles,” the Concord Road church bulletin, Phil wrote:

My Dear Brethren Whom I Love,

For some time I have been asking the question what to do with the rest of my life. As the Lord gives me strength, I pray that I have many years to serve the Lord through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have made it my goal to preach the truth in love and to stay with the Scriptures and in the shadow of the cross. You have generously given me the utmost support and encouragement; you’ve given me the freedom to pursue my strengths, and I am utterly thankful and humbled by your kindness.

Brethren in Oklahoma have asked me to come and work with them and in time be the speaker on the television ministry, “In Search of the Lord’s Way.” They believe and I believe that it is the Lord’s will that I pursue that great and crucial work at this point in time. Once I believed building a television ministry here was God’s plan for my life; but the Lord had different plans.

I have never felt anything but support for my ministry at Concord Road. The Lord has called me to serve; I cannot and will not say no. My soul, however, is deeply saddened. I am leaving here my heart, my daughters (and son-in-law), and my granddaughters. Only love for God and the need for my service could part me from you and this church.

I covet your understanding, your prayers, and your blessing as I undertake the task of reaching out with the gospel to many millions of people within and without the kingdom of our Lord. I will need God’s grace and sufficiency to help me; I could never do it on my own.

I am so grateful to the elders and to my co-workers for their love and support through the last thirteen and a half years. Concord Road is the hardest working, most loving, and greatest congregation I know. You will always be in my heart and prayers. May the Lord be with you as you seek a new minister. He will be blessed just to know you. Phil

According to the Search website, Mack Lyon began the program Sept., 1980, on one small Oklahoma station. It is currently being broadcast on 80 television stations, three foreign TV stations, 37 radio stations, five foreign radio stations and some 182 community cable systems in the U.S. Two satellite networks, Inspirational and FamilyNet, carry it several times a week, covering the entire North American continent.

The program is also streamed on the Internet in both audio and video formats to every nation in the world.

The program is overseen by the Edmond, Okla., church.