(BNc)- An evangelistic method responsible for converting hundreds of people has been made available in electronic format.

The electronic study, “A Few Minutes with Someone who Loves You,” updates the flip-chart original that J.T. Bristow published in 1968.

The study’s advantage is that the gospel can be presented in a single sitting, this in an age when often that is all the time one has to share what Christ has done for man and how forgiveness is received.

One minister reported an 80% success rate of conversion and mentioned elsewhere that hundreds of people were baptized using this method.

After obedience to the gospel, those baptized need to be grounded further and taught more about the Bible and their place in the kingdom.

According to the electronic document’s information, the study was converted to electronic format by Charles Cook in 2005, in Microsoft’s PowerPoint, and is available for download on his website.

Attempts to contact Cook through the email addresses provided on the site were unsuccessful, but users have reported that the original author gave permission to convert to, and distribute in, electronic format.

BNc has made available the download here also, as well as other formats for those who do not use Microsoft products:

The original flip-chart version, published by Fort Worth-based Bristow-Long Publishers in 1968, is now published by Gospel Services, Inc. and available through 21st Century Christian.

Updated 16 Dec. 2008 – See the new, flexible format offered here.